Bulk Head (In-Out) for RO Water Purifier – Set of 4


  • Used in ro/uv water purifiers
  • Set of 4
  • Bulk Head (In-Out)


General specification model number:10×40 color:black prism material:bak4 net weight (kg): 0.28Kg dimensions (cm/ inch):160x68x55mm technical parameters magnification:10x field angle:8 objective lens diameter:42mm prism system:the roof system field-of-view:1200m/9600m focusing way:finger and objective lens exit-pupil diameter:1.3Mm exit-pupil distance: 20mm near focal distance: 1.5M objective lens film: fmc wide band green film eyepiece film:fmc wide band blue film waterproof type: life waterproof please notice when using: 1. Do not clean the inner parts of the monocular or dis mental the monocular.2. Caution: do not allow using the monocular to look at the sun directly. Using the monocular to look at the sun will cause serious injury to eyes.


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