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    1 Pcs RO Filters Float Valve+Auto Cut Off Switch for RO Models with Bottom Water Tank.

    • 1 Pcs of RO Filters Float Valve + Auto Cut off Switch Suitable for RO Models if the Water Storage Tank is at the Bottom of RO Unit.
    • Best Quality Food Grade White Valve and Auto Cut Off Switch. Float valve Switch for water level controller for RO Models where the Water Storage Tank is at the bottom of RO Unit
    • Max Current : 16 A 125 – 250 V AC It is designed to be used with Models and many Water Purifiers….. Also Ideal Product for Lab Purpose/Research/Project Design/Demo Work who would like to Explore the Functioning of the various Water Flow System Components with Auto Cut off Mechanism.
    • Pack Contains : – 1 Pcs of Kent Type float valve 16 amp Designed for RO Model Cabinets if the Storage tank is at the bottom of RO Unit.
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    10 L Water Storage Pressure Tank

    • Superior Quality Pressure Tank
    • 10 L Storage Capacity
    • Long lasting
    • 6 Month Warranty
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    100 GPD Booster Pump for All Types of Water Purifier(Black)

    • 100 GPD Booster Pump
    • Long lasting construction and working pressure of 72psi
    • It’s works on 24 V DC, shock proof and usable for domestic RO also
    • 100GPD booster pump best suitable for 100/75/80 GPD RO membrane
    • 6 Month warranty but it will run upto 3 or more year
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    AC-DC Smps Adapter 24V – 2.5 A Power Supply for RO Water Filter (1 Year Guarantee)

    • Input :. 100-300V, 50-60Hz
    • Output :. 24V 2.5Amp/Max 3.0 Amp
    • Protection: Short Circuit, Over Current, Over Temperature, Auto Shutdown
    • Suitable :. Kent, Eureka Forbes, Aqua Fresh, Kinsco and all Other Kinds of Ro Water purifiers
    • Warranty: 1 Year [Customer care 24×7: 8737 98 3054]
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    Axil Metal RO Booster Pump (Black & Silver)

    • Ro Pump 100 GPD, Operating Voltage: 24V DC (1.5amp to 2.5amp)
    • Working Pressure 90 PSI, Maximum Pressure 125 PSI (2 mtr.), Open Flow:1.8 LPM
    • Less Noise and Heating, less vibration, Longer functional life, Low energy consumption, Low Vibration,
    • High Precision Ball Bearings, Easy handling & operations, Dimensions (L x B x H): 15 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm
    • Warranty: 1 Year 
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    Bulk Head (In-Out) for RO Water Purifier – Set of 4

    • Used in ro/uv water purifiers
    • Set of 4
    • Bulk Head (In-Out)
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    Flow Restrictor 450 for Water Purifiers – Set of 2 (White)

    • The sales package includes two pieces FR450
    • Suitable for membranes below 75GPD
    • It is recommended that the flow restrictor is replaced each time an RO membrane is replaced in order to keep your system working at optimum performance, as scale build-up can occur and clog the capillaries
    • Colour: White
    • Material: Plastic
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    Hi-Tech Ro Booster Pump Head White For Ro Water Purifier Pump

    • RO Booster Pump Head (White color) + FREE 2 mtr 1/4 inch Pipe
    • Best Quality in Water Purifier Accessories
    • Easily Fitted in all models of Kemflow, AQ&Q Booster Pump except AQ&Q E100
    • No breaking,no leaking during moving and installing
    • Include Package : 1pc Pump Head + 2mtr Pipe Tube 1/4″+ 2pcs Elbow Connector
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    High Pressure Switch (White)

    • Ro high pressure switch (hps) along with wire pin set-for all kinds of ro system suited for common ro water filter purifiers available in india, compatible with ro models-can be used in multiple water purifier models-counter top, desk top, stand mounted, wall hanging, under sink, momany st of the ro model cabinets
    • FItted Easily
    • Used in all kind domestic/commercial ro water purifiers
    • Pack Contains: – 1Pcs of RO High Pressure HP Switch
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    Mix Elbow Kit elbow Connectors for RO Water Purifier 1/4 Inch Size 35 Pcs Pack

    • Package includes Flow Restrictor (FR) 450cc – 1Pc, Apex Tafflon – 1Pc, Bulk Head – 2 Pc, Membrane Elbow – 3Pc, Esteem Elbow- 3 Pc, Double Side Push Elbow – 6 Pc, Pump Elbow – 2 Pc, 3 Side Push Elbow (Tee) – 2 Pc, 3 Side Elbow (Tee) (2 Side Push and 1 Side Threaded)- 2 Pc, Manual Flush switch – 1 Pc, 1/4 inch elbow for prefilter housing – 2 pcs
    • Material: Plastic
    • This Mix Elbow Kit is suitable for 1/4″ Tube fittings only in RO Water Purifier
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    Plastic Inlet Valve For Ro Water Purifiers With Connecting Pipe

    • Suitable for : All brands of RO UV Water Purifiers
    • Size 1/4″
    • Good Quality Spares for RO Water Purifiers
    • Sales Package Includes : 1 – Plastic Inlet Valve size 1/4″ with MS Cupline , 1/4 size connecting Pipe
    • High quality product from the house of PSI
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    Pre Filter housing Kit Exclusive for Dolphin/Aquagrand/Reviva/Aquafresh Water Purifiers

    • Package Contents :-1 Nos. 10″ Pre Filter Housing ( with single silicone material O Ring ) (Imported) with Built in Clamp/L-plate for Easy Hanging , 2 Purelite Spun Filter ,1 Nos.Teflon Tape,2 Nos.1/4″ Connectors for housing ,1 Nos. 2 Metres Pipe , 1 Multi Spanner for Prefilter Housing & Membrane Housing
    • Built in L – Plate , Easy to Hang & Compatible with all 10 Inch Pre filters , 2 Spun filters are included in the package
    • Not compatible with 3/8 Size inlets like Kent Grand plus/Pearl/Supreme & others with 3/8 size thicker pipe inlets
    • High quality Food grade Plastic
    • Compatible with all Water Purifiers with 1/4 size Pipe as inlet
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    RO 100 GPD high Pressure Diaphragm Booster Pump 24 Volt for All Water Purifier

    • 100 GPD Booster pump: 48 VDC, 110 psi pressure and 1.8 lpm filter rate diaphragm pump for all kind of RO water purifier
    • 01 Adopter : 24 vdc, with Electric power supply of 180-240 volt for 100 GPD booster pump
    • 04 Connection Isolator: For prevent chance electric shock
    • 02 Connector: self-lock pipe connectors
    • Easy Returns: This product is eligible for full refund within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided
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    RO Female Straight Connector with Teflon Tape – 1/2-inch (White) Set of 2

    • 100% food-grade quality accessories for RO water purifiers
    • Pack Contains: 2 Pcs RO Female Direct Valve Straight Connector – 1/2 Female Thread X 1/4 Inch RO Small Size Tube Water Flow is required + Teflon Tape
    • Good quality Heavy Duty Plastic Valve Connector…………This Connector can be directly fitted to 1/2 Inch Male Threaded Angle Gate Valves or Pillar Gate Valves or Pipe Lines for Control of the Water Flow to the Feed tank like Aquarium Tank or Pet Water Tanks or Flush Valve Tank or to Wash Basin Sink or Hydroponics Garden or any Liquid Tanks where inlet and outlet flow is required
    • Used in Domestic/Commercial RO Water Purifiers
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    RO High Pressure Switch, Black

    • RO high-pressure switch (HPS) along with wire pin set-for all kinds of RO system suited for common RO water filter purifiers available in India
    • Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models-Counter
    • Contact professional for installing the switch
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    RO Pipe Tube Cutter with Pipe Tube 4 mtr White 4 mtr Blue Tube Diameter 1/4″

    • 1 Pcs RO Pipe/Tube Cutter for RO Water Purifier. Universal Sharp Tube/Hose Cutter, cut 1/4′, 3/8′, Guard Aqua Hosing tubing. Also has lock and release mechanism in the tool.
    • Best Suited for Aquaguard Reviva, Aquaguard Enhance, Aquaguard Aquasure, Dolphin Purifiers, Kent Supreme, Kent Grand, Kent Pearl, Kent Superstar, Kent Super, Zerob Ionexchange, Aquagrand, Aqua Grand, Aqufresh, Aqua Fresh, Aquasure, All Domestic Ro Systems And Water Filters
    • Pipe cutter for smooth, perfect and easy cutting of RO Water purifier pipe.
    • The other methods are unsafe and can result in Contamination in the tube.The Tool Cuts the RO Tubing very cleanly to ensure there are no nicks that can cause leaks
    • Package Contains : 1 x 4 mtr White Pipe – Diameter 1/4″, 1 x 4 mtr Blue – Pipe Diameter 1/4″, 1 x Pipe Cutter
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    RO Solenoid Valve 1+1 24v For Ro Water Purifiers

    • Solenoid Valve 1+1.
    • You Save Inr 175
    • 100% Supreme Quality Water Purifier Accessories.
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    RO Tap Connector Suited for Many RO Models – 1/4″ x 1/8″

    • PK Aqua RO Tap Connector Suited for Fitment to the RO Water Filters…. This Fitment helps to Collect Pure water from RO System Tap directly in to a Drinking Water Jar Tank or in to an Aquarium Tank or Gardening Pot which can be stored in bigger tanks for further use…….
    • Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in India,Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models–Counter Top,Desk Top,Stand Mounted,Wall Hanging,Under Sink,most of the RO Model cabinets……..This Elbow Connector is Suited for most of RO Models- (1/4″ OD Tube x 1/8″ Thread)..
    • Included Accessories -1 Pcs Tap Plastic Make as Shown in Photo Suited for many of the Water Filter Models……… 2 Meter of RO 1/4″ White Wire Tube/Hose……….. Specification -……. Color – White…….. Type – Push Fit …….. Thread Size – 1/8″ ……… Tube OD – 1/4″ QC Fit ……….. Material – Imported Plastic..
    • Pack Contains : -…….1 Pcs of Connector – 1/4″ Tube OD x 1/8″ Thread + 1 Pcs Tap Plastic Make as Shown in Photo Suited for many of the Water Filter Models +……… 2 Meter of 1/4″ RO White Wire Tube……..
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    RO Water Purifier Low Pressure Switch (White)

    • It’s made only Food grade and unbreakable plastic, and quality material inside, which is long lasting and smoothly work.
    • It’s Compatible for all type of RO water purifier like Avipure, Kent, Aquaguard, Aquasafe, Aqqua grand etc.
    • Low Pressure switch increase life of your RO Pump, safety from dry running RO membrane,
    • Package include – 1pc Low Pressure Switch
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    RO Water Purifier Pump Head with Elbow Connectors (Black)

    • Pump Head for Water Purifier Pumps
    • Sales Pack includes One pump head and 2 pcs 1/4 inch elbow connector
    • Good Quality Water Purifier Accessories
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